Going About an Asbestos Survey the Right Way

It is legally mandated in the UK that one conducts an asbestos survey of their premises, be it commercial or residential. A great asbestos survey is one that is thorough and gives you the assurance that you are in the clear. Here is what you can expect from a survey. It would be best to start with a surveyor who is accredited. This information you can easily get from the surveyor himself or from a best services organization that has these details handy. The survey is generally scheduled on an off day for the company so that it does not get in the way of the company’s working. asbestos management company

The first step that the surveyor undertakes is a walk all around the premises. This is slow and deliberate and will give the surveyor an opportunity to check where there is a possibility of asbestos being present. They will at the obvious and then the not so obvious areas like service areas, the pipe runs as well as in ceiling voids etc. This will give them a good idea of where to look and how to go about things. When they are doing this they will also ask the owners of the premise on the age of the building, any known presence of asbestos as well as any restrictions there may be on access routes.

The surveyor follows this up by a detailed look at all those areas earmarked for the presence of asbestos. Risers will be open up, ceiling tiles will be taken down and as deep a look at the premise will be done as possible. Every part of the building will have to be made accessible to them. If the surveyor is not too sure of asbestos being mixed with some other materials, he will take photographs, make sketches of all those places that are suspect. He will then provide the owner with details on what must done and how the asbestos must be treated. Samples will also be taken for detailed analysis.

Once assessed the surveyor will provide you the details on what must be done to take care of the asbestos. It is important that you find an asbestos surveyor who has the right credentials and is accredited by the government for the services he offers. There are two kinds of surveys. The management survey is the one that a business owner undertakes to ensure the safety of those working in his company. The demolition survey is to ensure the safety of workmen who may be involved in the bringing down of a building that has asbestos.

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